Machine Learning

Fix Audio uses cutting edge recognition and measurement algorithms to "listen" like a human would.

Human Experience

Fix Audio draws on the experience of its human creators, who have worked at the top of the audio post production field for decades.

Simulated Processes

Fix Audio follows decision making flows based on quantifying and emulating what a human audio engineer would do in the same situation.

Hear the difference

Missing channel / Too soft

Fix Audio detects these issues and intelligently compensates for them.

Digital distortion

Fix Audio "redraws" squared off waveforms to make distorted audio listenable again.

What did you say?

Fix Audio fights wind noise and muddiness to make dialogue intelligable again.

Restore vintage content

Fix Audio revitalises old memories. You may hear things previously "lost in time".

Now try it for yourself

The Fix Audio will be unavailable for the next few weeks as we upgrade to accomodate increased user traffic. You can still use the service during this time however, by emailing a download link to your content to


Approx delivery time is currently: 29 mins.

System status: operational.

Please note: File must be an audio or video file, and must be less than 128mb in size. For large files, please get in touch with us using the contact below.