What is Fix Audio?

Fix Audio is the project of me, Mark Forester. I am a post production sound engineer and vocalist from Sydney, Australia. My goals for this site are threefold:
1. Develop a set of tools that I personally find useful while also improving my own skills.
2. In so doing, to help out other people who might also want them, and hopefully one day soon…
3. To have this website make enough money to cover its own costs.

How do I know this site won’t steal my data / break into my home / do something bad to me? How can I trust you?

I will make the following statements:
1. Fix Audio does not harvest data from users for commercial purposes, now or ever.
2. Fix Audio does have an SSL certificate installed to circumvent “man in the middle” attacks.
3. Periodically all media is wiped from my server, so whatever you upload for fixing won’t exist on my side for more than about a week.
4. I periodically spot check content that comes through the system because I sometimes worry that people will attempt to use the service for some nefarious purpose. If I ever catch anyone running illegal nasty stuff through this site I will absolutely call the cops.

Other than this, that is all I can say. No one is forcing you to use this site, and as a responsible internet user you can make your own decisions.

Why did I get a "File Failure" notification?

Here are the primary reasons why you might get that message:
-You uploaded a corrupt file.
-You uploaded an extremely short file (like under 5 seconds) and asked for noise reduction to be applied to it.
-You uploaded a silent file. (Sounds crazy but people do this- I am not your personal foley artist ok!)
-You uploaded a podcast in an mp4 format.
If you got a failure notification and it isn't because of one of those things, feel free to contact me about it and I will see what I can do.

Can you please make this available as a vsti?

I have no plans to do that at the moment. Maybe one day.

Can I upload video to this service?

Yes, but almost nobody realises that! Because of the powerful ffmpeg library tools, it means that Fix Audio can receive your video, and through a process known as “muxing” it can extract the audio, treat it, then wrap it back into the video. The great thing about this is that there is no transcode step taking place in the vision layer, so you get your picture back the exact some way you uploaded it without any generational loss. Pretty cool eh? Well I think its cool, but then I am a nerd so…

Why are you making an mp3 conversion service? I can already make my own mp3s.

Well so can I, in Pro Tools. I can make a new session, save it somewhere, drag the audio file in, then export it as an mp3. And by the time I’ve done that I’m usually rolling my eyes in frustration at the unnecessary time it takes. Worse still, when I want to bounce out an mp3 from Ableton Live, and its not even an option! So this is a solution to one of my problems, hopefully it might help you too. My other use for this tool is when I want to listen to lectures and talks I’ve downloaded from you tube, but I don’t want or need the vision.

I'm confused/uncertain about which setting to use on the mixer upload form.

I hear you. I am in the process of making before and afters for each setting so people can gauge each one more easily. It shouldn't be long before they are ready. In the meantime you can always experiment.

So Fix Audio is free?

Yes. But like I said hopefully one day the site generates enough traffic that I can put some ads on it and recoup my costs.

I have a question that isn't covered here.

Ask away, and if the answer is relevant to others I will also post it here.